Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How to Wear Your Crossbody Bag

Hopefully you have noticed our little promo that is currently occurring with our Clutches and Cross-Bodies. If not, its okay you can always go check it out.  If you have and need one more selling point, then we will officially introduce the THIRD way to wear your cross body.

Now introducing, the fanny-pack.

Not only is it easy to wear and slip over your body, it can rest wherever you want it to, and it is a way to repel attract  men. If those are not good selling points, I do not know what is.

Thanks to Kevin from the Cold War Kids Concert a couple weeks back for asking me if I was wearing a fanny pack.  


  1. Love this bag! It's by far the best looking "fanny pack" I've ever seen!

    P.S. I've read every blog post you ladies have written here and you all are hilarious!

  2. Thanks Alana! We're glad you find it as good looking as we do! We are also glad you find us hilarious!

    Thanks for reading!