Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meet Michelle

Time to meet our new Intern!!

Name: Michelle
Job Description: Intern/Manager/Newbie
Favorite Movie: I can not decide on a favorite, but Top 3 would be Darjeeling Limited, Across the Universe, The Breakfast Club
Pandora Station: Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.  80's station- Take me home tonight by. Eddie Money
Favorite Drink: Coffee or water 
Favorite Shops:Jane Pabon, Target, DSW, Ulta
Favorite Pass Time When at Jess LC: Weighing postage for packages
Favorite Pass Time When Not at Jess LC: Walking/ Playing with Franklin (my stubby corgi mix), Shopping ( it can be considered an addiction) 
Favorite Piece of Jess LC Jewelry:  the Franklin Be Present and the Armitage One Link Necklace

(Yes, she always dresses this cute)

Do or Don't?

While being overly productive today, we discovered this new trend of Head Thongs

Our Thoughts:
Melissa: I would only wear one to see Susie's reaction. Otherwise it's a don't.
Susie: Susie was speechless, then ranted for 10 minutes straight, and then was speechless again. 
Michelle: This is crossing a line.

What do you think of this new trend?

Monday, June 27, 2011

We Really Like to Dance

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.
 Our next project is to replicate this, Jess LC style

Dance Party

Thanks Sean for making Susie want to dance all day.

Meet Melissa

Name: Melissa
Job Description: Intern/Manager/Printer Whisperer
Favorite Movie: Frozen, and The Happening 
Pandora Station: She's Like the Wind- Patrick Swayze
Favorite Drink: Coffee
Favorite Shops: Top Shop, Starbucks, Jess' Closet
Favorite Pass Time When at Jess LC: Eating Baked Goods
Favorite Pass Time When Not at Jess LC: Baking
Favorite Piece of Jess LC Jewelry: It's not a secret, Franklin Breathe

(Yes, I always look like I'm going to Prom)

Meet Susie

Name: Susie
Job Description: Jewelry Designer/Maker and Professional Realist
Favorite Movie: Susie could not decide, like asking her to pick her favorite puppy. Unfair question.
Pandora Station: Sunglasses At Night- Corey Hart
Favorite Drink: NOT WATER
Favorite Shops: Ulta, Sephora, Whole Foods, Fluebog Store
Favorite Pass Time When at Jess LC: Lip syncing horribly while making jewelry
Favorite Pass Time When Not at Jess LC: Writing, Getting Frustrated, and deleting my writing
Favorite Piece of Jess LC Jewelry: It's a secret....COMING SOON and the Franklin I Love You

(Susie doesn't normally look this cranky, but she was having a good hair day)

Welcome to Behind the Chevron Curtain

If you are reading this it is because you either:
A- Love Jess LC
B-Love Make Under My Life

Both of those mean you love Jess, but as the other ladies behind Jess LC, we felt it was our time to let you in to meet us. See what we are loving, and possibly get a few laughs.  Yes, we think we are hilarious. So welcome to our blog, sit back, enjoy some good 80's music, questionable movie selections, and sarcasm to the maximum (with a muffin or two).

(Susie, Kat, Jess, Melissa)